Through some bizzare freak of chance, you've made it to Tools of the (math) Trade, or To-tmT. Using the system is pretty simple, just use the menu on left to access the nifty tools.

There are some things you should note. If you're using this system for fun, then there's no problem. But if lives depend on accurate results, you should probably go someplace else. Here are the bugs which I know of so far:

  • The TeX formatted prepends Result= to each image generated. This is a result of the way I have to call the mimeTeX script. Removing it should not be a problem: paint, gimp, or photoshop (if you feel the need to use expensive software) should work well to crop out anything you don't want.
  • The MathML editor requires a nifty java applet from Dessci. So far, it hasn't harmed my computer, but I can't guarantee that yours will survive. Keep that in mind before allowing it to install iself.
  • I'm going out on a limb here, but if you want to donate anything, please keep your money. Creating and maintaining this site costs me nothing, so it would be wrong for me to take your money.